Cele mai bune filme din 2014: Sight & Sound, Cahiers du Cinema

Sight & Sound:

1. "Boyhood"
2. "Goodbye to Language"
3. "Leviathan"
    "Horse Money"
5. "Under the Skin"
6. "The Grand Budapest Hotel"
7. "Winter Sleep"
8. "The Tribe"
11. "Mr. Turner"
      "National Gallery"
      "The Wolf of Wall Street"
15. "The Duke of Burgundy"
16. "Birdman"
      "Two Days, One Night"
18. "Citizenfour"
      "The Look of Silence"
      "The Wind Rises"

Cahiers du Cinema:

1. "L'il Quinquin"
2. "Goodbye to Language"
3. "Under the Skin"
4. "Maps to the Stars"
5. "The Wind Rises"
6. "Nymphomaniac"
7. " Mommy"
8. "Love Is Strange"
9. "Paradise"
10. "Our Sunhi"


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